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Measuring and Layout

1: Make a sketch (or LAYOUT) showing the location of your new fence
  • The drawing does not have to be to scale.
  • Drawing must show where the fence will be installed in perspective to the direction of North. This is in case we have questions and need to contact you we can refer to the west side or maybe south side.
  • Sketch in your house or buildings that the fence will attach to.
  • As demonstrated in our typical drawings "A" & "B" show where your fence will start and stop at all points on the drawing.
  • Show where any gates or openings will be.
  • If you have any obstacles near the fence that you think might be of concern, draw them in and make a note as to what they are.
2: Put in dimensions of fence and gates.
  • Measure the distance for each stretch of fence and put that measurement with an underline next to that specific stretch of fence.
  • It is not necessary to enter the exact dimension in inches. To the next nearest foot is all that is required.
  • Do the above for all stretches of fence.
  • You will have to do this with each specific stretch of fence no matter how short that individual stretch of fence is
  • Draw in the location of all gates and the dimension of each gate
  • Where you have a gate, write in the size of gate that you want and underline that dimension. Our standard gates are 36" or 48" wide.
  • This dimension is the actual width of the gate. The finished gate opening is 2" larger than the actual gate dimension.
  • For double drive gates draw the two gates that will make up the opening, write and underline the dimension of each gate. A double drive gates finished opening is 3" larger than the combined dimension of the two gates
  • If you need a custom gate, write that dimension. Double check your drawing and all the dimensions you under lined.

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