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Gate Installation

  • When installing a single gate, the opening should measure 2" wider than the gate
  • When installing double gates, the opening should measure 3" wider than the two gates combined
  • The hinge post should have the Post Stiffener installed and concrete should have had a minimum of 24 hr. to set up or cure.
  • Hinges should already be installed on hinge posts.Post Stiffener Installation.

Installing Gates

  1. Place the gate in between the posts and use some material to support the gate on the bottom to lift the gate to its finished height position. Double check the positioning of the gate and make sure you are satisfied with the position of the gate and the horizontal rails are even or matching the horizontal rails on your new fence.
  2. Pre drill the hinge screw holes and install the mounting screws provided with the hinges to support the gate.
  3. Remove the support blocks that the gate is resting on.
  4. Use the adjustment bolts on each hinge to align gate. When the gate is hanging properly there should be equal distances between the gate and posts on both sides at both the top and bottom.
  5. When hanging double gates use the same process to hang each gate.
  6. When double gates are installed properly, there should be equal distance between the two gates and between the gate and the hinge posts.
  7. Measure and mark where the latch will be installed.
  8. Pre-drill screw holes and secure the latch using all of the screw provided.
  9. Determine the location of the striker.
  10. Pre-drill the screw holes and secure the striker using all of the screws provided.
  11. If you are installing a Drop Rod, measure and pre-drill holes and secure with all the screws provided.
Download printable PDF instructions for installing Gates