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Vinyl Fence Gates

All gates will be made in the same style as the fence selected. That is, if a Saratoga style fence is selected, the gate will also be a Saratoga style, unless you request something different. Each of our 12 fence styles has a corresponding gate style which can be viewed through the below links:
South Bay
Santa Barbara
La Crosse
Our standard gate widths are 36" and 48" by the height of your fence for an exact match. The opening in your fence for the gate will need to be 2" wider than the gate for hardware mounting and swing clearance. For double drive gates (also known as double swing gates), the standard gate dimensions are 72", 84" or 96", but you will need the fence opening to be 3" wider than the two combined gates.

Included in the price of each gate is a Post Stiffener. The stiffener is installed inside the post to which the hinges will be fastened. The stiffener is necessary to support the extra weight that the post must carry with the gate, and to give added holding power for the hinge screws. Post Stiffener Installation

Also, included in the price of each gate is a Gate Hardware Kit. This kit includes two hinges and one latch along with all of the fasteners needed to install the hardware.

All of our standard size gates are the same price regardless of width or height. The price is $300 per gate, which includes the one Post Stiffener and one Gate Hardware Kit. For double drive gates, this would be the price per gate section. Drop Rods are also available for an additional charge.

We also make custom gate sizes in increments of 1" up to 60" wide. The up-charge for a custom gate is $75 ($375 total).

Gate Installation Instructions