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Vinyl Fence Picket Caps:

Each Fence Style that uses a 3" picket cap is sold with a suggested picket cap style. We always ship orders with the suggested style of picket cap unless otherwise changed on your order form. If you want your fence to have a different style of picket cap, other than what is suggested, please make your style choice on your order form. Our picket cap selections are Spade, Dog Ear or Flat. There is "NO" up-charge to select one style over another. Fence Styles that use a square picket style are "only" shipped with a Sharp Picket cap style.

With each order, we will provide enough PVC adhesive to effectively secure all picket caps at no extra charge. Additional PVC adhesive can be ordered on the order form.
Picket Cap - Dog Ear
Dog Ear Picket Cap
Picket Cap - Sharp
Sharp Picket Cap

Picket Cap - Flat End Internal
Flat Picket Cap
Picket Cap - Spade
Spade Post Cap