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Vinyl Fence Post Caps:

Each particular style of fence has a recommended standard post cap that is sold with that specific style. The price of that standard cap is figured into the price of each post on our order form. However, if you have a different preference for your fence, it is very easy to order post caps of your choice.

Standard Cap styles are Pyramid, Gothic and Classic New England.
Specialty Cap styles are Ball, Tear Drop and Coachman.

Pricing for all post caps can be located on the order form or Post Cap Pricing. There will be an up charge to upgrade from a Pyramid to any other style of cap. Gothic and Classic New England can be switched out with each other at no additional cost. There will be an upcharge for upgrading from Gothic and Classic New England to a Specialty Cap.

With each order, we will provide enough PVC adhesive to effectively secure all post caps at no charge. Additional PVC glue can be ordered on the order form.

If you have any questions about your Post Cap selection, Contact Us.
Post Cap - Ball
Ball Post Cap
Post Cap - Gothic
Gothic Post Cap
Post Cap - Classic New England
Classic New England Post Cap
Post Cap - Pyramid
Pyramid Post Cap
Post Cap - Coachman
Coachman Post Cap
Post Cap - Teardrop
Teardrop Post Cap