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R1-07: 5" x 5" x 24" Post Sleeve:

Galvanized Metal. Not painted. Used as a guide for a 5" x 5" post to slide into. This product is buried in the ground and is set with mixed concrete. It is used in situations where a person wants to have a 5" vinyl post to be removable. This Post Sleeve is a popular item and use by many homeowners to gain easy access to a fenced area for a boat, RV, horse trailer, etc. It can also be used for a removable center post on a double drive gate.
R1-07 - 5" x 5" x 24" Post Sleeve
R1-07 - 5" x 5" x 24" Post Sleeve
  1. Dig a 12" diameter hole 24" deep.
  2. Place post sleeve into hole and plumb & level.
  3. Mix a minimum of 120 lbs. of concrete and pour around outside of Post Sleeve.
  4. Pour enough wet concrete down inside the Post Sleeve as to make approximately a 2" thick support base or floor. (The purpose of this support base or floor is to help support the vinyl post that will slide down inside of Post Sleeve and will not allow the vinyl post to sink into the ground)
  5. Allow concrete to setup for 24 hours.
  6. Determine the finished height of the vinyl post that will slide into Post Sleeve.
  7. If the post needs to be shortened, measure and mark the vinyl post. Using a common wood saw, cut the post to proper length. Trim off the bottom part of the post so the top remains clean and level.
  8. The post is now ready to insert into the Post Sleeve.
Download printable PDF instructions for installing Post Sleeves

Price: $42 each