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Post Stiffener Installation

Each gate that you purchase has one Post Stiffener included in the gate price.

These Post Stiffeners are commonly installed in END POSTS or BLANK POSTS. On occasion they will be used in a CORNER POST. They will not work in a LINE POST.
  1. Install the vinyl post as recommended in our fence installation instructions.
  2. Allow the concrete used to set the vinyl posts to cure for minimum of 24 hours.
  3. Install all horizontal rails and pickets that attach to the post or posts that will receive a Post Stiffener. (The ends of horizontal rails going into these posts should be taped to keep concrete from migrating into rails.)
  4. Determine which two sides of the post the hinge support screws will attach to.
  5. Slide the proper Post Stiffener into the vinyl post making sure that when you attach hinges the hinge support screws will come in contact with both sides of the Post Stiffener.
  6. Measure where the hinges will attach to posts and mark.
  7. Pre drill all holes and attach hinges to post with screws provided with each hinge.
  8. For proper hinge installation, it is important to use all screws provided with each hinge.
  9. Premix concrete and pour into gate support post. (We recommend filling with concrete to within 6" of top of post.)
  10. Allow concrete to setup for 24 hours.
  11. Attach gate to hinges.
IMPORTANT: We do not recommend installing the Post Stiffener and filling gate support posts with concrete and then attempt to install hinges after concrete has set up or cured. Filling with concrete first and allowing concrete to set up makes it very difficult to pre-drill holes and install hinge support screws.

Download printable PDF instructions for installing Post Stiffeners