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Surface Mounting Post Installation

Extra precautions should be considered before attempting to install Surface Mounting Posts onto block or stone walls. The walls must be in good condition and must be able to support the extra wind load that will be applied to these types of walls when fencing is attached to them. We recommend that you get an approval of proposed work prior to installation by local building authorities or a structural engineer. Block or stone walls need to be a minimum of 8" wide for proper attachment of both 4" and 5" Surface Mounting Posts. Use the same installation procedure as for concrete and follow steps 1 thru 9.

Both wood and composite decking material must be in good condition and the substructure must be strong enough to support your fence, railing, or patio cover. Never rely on just the plank boards for supporting Surface Mounting Posts.
  1. Measure and locate where each Surface Mounting Post is to attach to the deck.
  2. Firmly attach wood backer blocks that are a minimum of 1.5" thick to the under side of deck where Surface Mounting Posts will attach. These wood backer blocks must be of good material and securely fastened to the joists, stringers or ledger boards.
  3. Determine where each Surface Mounting Post will be located. Mark holes and drill 4 holes. We recommend using a 1/2" diameter lag bolts that are at least 4" long or 3/8" diameter carriage bolts, washers and nuts. For maximum strength we recommend that you use 4 lag bolts or 4 carriage bolts to securely fasten each Surface Mounting Post to the deck.
  4. Install the Surface Mounting Post and level. (We recommend using composite shims)
  5. Tighten all 4 lags or carriage bolts.
  6. Slide the vinyl post over the Surface Mounting Post.
  7. Repeat steps 2 thru 6 until all Surface Mounting Posts are installed.

Download printable PDF instructions for installing Surface Mounting Posts