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Vinyl Mart Direct Policies for Shipping, Reporting Damage, Product Returns, Payments and Privacy

Shipping - All items are shipped using licensed, bonded and insured common carriers. These LTL carriers will only deliver the product to the "ship to" address which is provided at time of purchase. It is the responsibility of the purchaser (customer) to provide labor to unload the truck. Most orders will be shipped on trucks that have a lift gate on the back for ease of unloading, but not all trucks will be equipped with lift gates. It is the responsibility of the purchaser (customer) to provide labor to unload all material.

Reporting Damage - Any visible damage caused during shipping or any missing items must be noted on the delivery driver's bill of lading and reported immediately. Customers have 5 days to inspect the entire shipment for any concealed damage or shortages of any material. Any claims for damage or shortage of material will be processed immediately. (This damaged or missing material will be replaced and shipped to the customer within three days with no additional expense to the customer.) All claims made after 5 days of receiving material will be handled on an individual basis and in most cases it will be the responsibility of the customer to purchase any new material; also it will be the customer's responsibility to cover additional freight charges.

Product Returns

  1. No returns will be accepted without prior written approval.
  2. No returns will be accepted after 20 days of receiving original order.
  3. Each returned package must have a "RA#" (return authorization number) clearly visible.
  4. All items must be returned freight pre paid.
  5. Any freight collect shipments will be refused.
Payments - Orders must be paid for at the time that the order is finalized. Payment must be by credit card unless other arrangements have been made. Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard and Discovery.

Privacy - Vinyl Mart Direct gathers information from private individuals or businesses for the sole purpose of providing quotes or creating sales through a request from that individual. This is done through email, fax, mail or phone. This private information is never sold or traded to any other company or individual, and is protected from confiscation by third parties.