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Surface Mounting Post Installation

(All concrete anchors, carriage bolts, lags or composite shims must be provided by installer)

When mounting onto concrete, we recommend that the concrete be in good condition and where the Surface Mounting Posts are to attach that the concrete is a minimum of 4" thick.
  1. Use a commercial grade support anchor to attach Surface Mounting Post to the concrete.
  2. Measure where the Surface Mounting Posts will be installed and mark where each anchor or anchors will be installed. We recommend using 3/8" diameter concrete anchors for all 4" Surface Mounting Posts and 1/2" Diameter anchors for all 5" Surface Mounting Posts. We recommend a minimum of two anchors for each Surface Mounting Post
  3. Drill anchor holes at manufactures required depth.
  4. Remove all concrete dust out of drilled holes.
  5. Insert anchors into drilled holes.
  6. Install Surface Mounting Post and level or plumb with shims. (We recommend using composite shims)
  7. Tighten anchor bolts as specified by anchor manufacture.
  8. Slide vinyl post over Surface Mounting Post.
  9. Repeat steps 1 thru 8 until all Surface Mounting Posts are installed.
When mounting onto concrete retaining walls, make sure that the concrete is in good condition and can support the Surface Mounting Post. We recommend that concrete retaining walls be a minimum of 8" wide (thick) for both 4" and 5" Surface Mounting Posts. Use the same installation procedure as for concrete and follow steps 1 thru 9.

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Download printable PDF instructions for installing Surface Mounting Posts